“Growing Up”

Its alarming, what two years could do to you. You ever get a hit of nostalgia when you come across something and then suddenly you cant stop the onslaught of memories. You brace yourself for the train of thought and eventually the shock/amazement/quiet acceptance about how different things are now. Well, college is full of… Continue reading “Growing Up”


I duck my head,  To avoid him catching me  Looking at him. The secret glances, The occasional detour  to cross ways with him, My guilty pleasures. The memory toxic, the emotion crippling, the rejection palpable, Yet I felt a visceral tug  towards him A hopeless yearning, a beautiful agony. The heart craves what it can’t… Continue reading Inconsolable


A cacophony it was, around me chattering and more chattering  endlessly Not a moment of solitude would I find, But then maybe, I didn’t mind. Now there is just a void where nothing blends into more nothing, I didn’t ask for this, the silence is deafening. Because despite all the fights I fought, the decision… Continue reading Numb