A letter to myself – Open in 2019

I hope you’re happy.

An important takeaway from 2017 is, to just be happy. I hope you’ve worked on yourself this year.

Have you ever seen people who have such a self assured vibe about them? It gets reflected in their body language and talking. They know their worth. It’s not being cocky, just secure and comfortable about yourself. Its SUCH an attractive quality.

Thats the goal. I hope at the end of 2018, you become more self assured. For that to happen, I hope you constantly worked on yourself. Read more, wrote more.

You took up a writing challenge in Dec 2017 and failed. Miserably. Remember? I hope that drove you to write more. And when you did, it made you happy. And THAT made you write more.

I hope you read 50 books and wrote 50 blog posts. I’ve started writing on quora and joined the goodreads community. I hope you stayed active on those and didn’t slack off like you do with your stunts.

I hope by now, you can read the finance pages of the newspaper ( that I always skip, lol ) and understand what the fuck they’re talking about. You’re 21, you should know.

I hope you had a lot of fun and your standard share of humiliations 😛

I hope you lived.

– The 2018 You.

New Year usually isn’t a big deal for me. I stopped believing in the institution of new year resolutions in school. Yeah, I was smart like that. But this year, I find myself getting a plan ready. I don’t know if its because I’m graduating, so it feels like I’m on the brink of a change so I’m mentally geared for other changes. Or personally, I’m in a place where I’m trying to change. I’m trying to be more happy, more social.

Maybe finally reaching a place where I’m ready to change, is the difference.

This post was inspired from Simon. I loved the idea and decided to follow suit.

Letters like this are plain awesome. I wrote a letter to my 28 year old self when I was 18. A hand written one at that. I would urge everyone to write one.

Makes for a great memory :’)



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