You gotta keep writing. Even if you suck.

Its been 4 months and 14 days since my last post. And almost a year since I stopped writing regularly.

What started as a break for my semester exams turned into writer’s block.

I stopped writing until I reached the point where it wasn’t a choice anymore.

I started thinking anything I had to say wasn’t worth writing about.

I figured this was Writer’s Block.


I read this article on Pocket My 150 writing mentors and me about writing which gave me a different definition.

“Contrary to popular wisdom, being “blocked” is not about running out of things to say. Instead, it’s succumbing to the unrealistic expectation that your work must Be Great Now. It’s a decision to remain silent rather than speak and maybe stumble. It’s the determination to avoid failure, which is a great way to ensure that the humbling work of getting better will never begin.”

That’s my problem. I’ve just got to admit that sometimes, I suck.

“Above all else, writers are people who allow themselves the freedom to suck—unrepentantly, happily, even. They’ve learned through hard experience that out of failure comes something better. And that the only catastrophe, really, is the refusal to keep trying.”

While my new found determination lasts, I’m setting myself up for a challenge.

30 posts in 30 days. Lets call it the 30in30 Challenge.

Ambitious? Maybe. But I need this.

You gotta keep writing. Even if you suck. *shrug*


6 thoughts on “You gotta keep writing. Even if you suck.

  1. Good luck on your endeavor!
    I hope you don’t dump your personal problems in your blog and instead, look and explain your views about a general/hot/ignored issues/matters instead.
    I said this because, once you start such a challenge you might resort to a minimal paragraph that would just describe your problems (on how you are trying so hard and you still blog).
    If you are so determined to move the block, add a bit more and work on something proper. (It needn’t be good, though).
    I suggest you this kindly, as I honestly feel you very well have the potential to throw away the block in one hand.
    But, you are just beating around the bush most of the time unless someone push you out to seek something. I hope this helps.
    Today should be your first day.
    Don’t be tensed.


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