Why I should have gone anonymous

I was writing a post on a sensitive topic when my mum looks over my shoulder and starts reading.

30 seconds later, I’m asked to not publish that post. Why, you ask? My mum spotted the words ‘smoking’, ‘drinking’,’premarital sex’ and ‘drugs’ in it.

Welcome to India πŸ™‚

My mum decided that my article was too opinionated. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem had it been about the nature or politics or ..food. But this? NO, this was dangerous stuff. Did I mention I was a girl?

And that I had my name on the site?

I shouldn’t give people the idea that I would even think about things like that. It would reflect badly on my upbringing. My perfect, orthodox upbringing.

After a brief and heated argument with my mum, I give up.Β I’m actually raging as i write this, because I feel so crippled and suffocated. Someone wanting to break free of the paradigm which has apparently “worked for so many years” is an embarrassment.

If you have met conservative people in your life, you would know that you can’t reason with them. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet quite a lot in my life. They will refuse to budge their opinion and adamantly believe that they are winning the argument.

The whole point of this blog was to write about my opinion but now I’m too opinionated?! If I decide to choose the right path despite my freedom, there lies the true measure of upbringing. If I want to have a drink, it doesn’t mean my parents screwed up. Wanting to try something doesn’t mean you’ll get hooked on to it. It doesn’t mean you’ll get addicted. I know that’s how all addicts sound, but c’mon! There is something called moderation.

But noo, even the desire to try is wanton.

Had this been an anonymous site, I could have written anything I wanted. My mum needn’t have answered to anyone. See, that’s what it all boils down to. Society.

Should I have published that post anyways? Probably, but now I’ve lost the spirit to. Maybe some other day. I decided to vent with this article instead. I know its rather personal, so thank you for reading it.




18 thoughts on “Why I should have gone anonymous

  1. Indian parents are a little more protective! They mean well.That’s okay… I just hope you have patience enough to one day convince them that it’s okay to be someone that does not conform to society always. It’s okay to be you πŸ™‚

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  2. This is the internet, I think your mom is overreacting with the “your name is on it” whole thing, more than someone reading and be like oh… oh my god is that girl I know, probably people who actually think like you or are struggling with this issues will be the ones finding it and reading it so… don’t give up on your post, someone might be needing it right now.


  3. “I think you should read fiction however you want to. We bring our own stories to the stories we read, and I respect that. I sadly am not able to inhabit this β€˜moral high ground.’ Too high for me. I think that to be human is to be flawed. And honest stories about human beings involves failures of different kinds.”

    – Chimamanda Adichie.

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  4. Totally understand! I come from a fairly conservative Asian family too, but I’ve come to realize that this blog is a medium for my own voice, and even if I can’t change my family’s viewpoints, I still have the power to own my own opinions! πŸ™‚ Keep up with your work! πŸ‘


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