Being Social. I’m not.

I’m not on Facebook. Yes, I can almost hear your eyebrows raising. Over the years, the gasps have only gotten louder and the eyebrows have gone higher. Doesn’t budge me though. πŸ˜›

What was once a fad, has now become an identity. People judge you based on your Facebook profile. Want to know (stalk) someone? Look them up on FB. It may be hard but you’ll find them because everyone’s GOTTA be on FB.

I’ve always been a social snowflake. At times, a misanthrope. Β I would go out of my way to not be a part of the crowd. Sure, a few likes for my picture might cheer me up, but most of the times, I would berate myself for cheering up at a halfhearted acknowledgement of a shallow insight into my life. I guess I’m weird that way.

Being social is overrated. Or rather being social on social media is.

Its only been a short while since I started blogging, but I have found some wonderful blogs and fell in love multiple times. I can’t help thinking this wordpress community could be MY Facebook. I could spend hours here. I know I’m still an amateur and that I don’t have a lot of followers but every single like and view gives me a high that I wouldn’t get from a like on one of my pictures.

A lot of people have challenged me that I would join facebook, sooner or later but I take pride in saying that I haven’t given in. Yes, there have been weak moments but I didn’t falter. Maybe its a phase. Maybe I would join FB in the future. My opinions have changed earlier and they will be open to change in the future as well. Until then, its a precious feeling, being content and sure-footed about who you are.


23 thoughts on “Being Social. I’m not.

  1. Hats off to you πŸ˜€
    When I first started blogging 4months ago , I wrote a similar post. I joined fb recently but I am not active. I joined because my brother said the best way to save a copy of all your travel photographs is upload it all on Facebook.πŸ˜‚ It surely is. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


      1. Haha.πŸ˜€ The best part is I forgot the passwordπŸ˜‚
        Social media is always about “most number of likes” and “many followers”.
        Btw, I am rekha.


  2. I’ve a facebook acct just to log in, in websites more faster lol but I don’t use it for anything else, either have friends/followers (?
    Definitely is overrated and it’s become a type of fake life for some people or a detective game lmao. I’m agree what you say about wordpress, I feel like every like and view is important because it means you reached someone with your experiences, stories and in a way is close to reality. Of course I love art blogs here as well, so there’s that too which make it just more wonderful.
    Nice post (:


  3. lol… people can be tough sometimes.. I have a friend who isn’t on FB and she is one of the brightest people I know of.. Don’t let them bring you down. Not being on FB is FINE!! πŸ˜€ Just be you. Enjoy.


  4. hahaha… i loved the way you’ve put in down.. took me back memory lane.. when i opened up an FB account,, conveniently forgot the password and that became a lame excuse to avoid checking FB.. though people bugged me to get on and share things, post pics..etc..
    keep writing would love to read yr blogs..


  5. Social media is exhausting. I am on facebook and half the stuff on it is fake – no one’s lives are that perfect. And yes – people do stalk on it – my latest post speaks about that. Stay off of it as long as you can and keep writing! Great post.


  6. We do have a lot in common, I am not on facebook and for the same reasons as you ! And also I was cyberstalked and there was also a Trojan Virus attack, by a male survivor of child sexual abuse who hated the fact that I saw him as a victim and wanted to harm me , for no reason except for knowing his truth.It was a hate campaign , transference out side therapy . After that I decided to deal with those who I do see in front of me than the demons he created.


  7. FB is overrated, but you control the content. As with (and I’ll say it) normal communication, inform (post) only what you want others to know about you. What remains is your business alone. As you know most people lie. The deception meter run high on social media. Why? It’s a way to entertain delusions of grandeur, and one’s narcissism. You can always choose to refrain from altogether. There’s peace in solitude. Aloneness and Loneliness are two different words.


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