Drained of thought and strength 

She closed her eyes, 

And waited for them to fill up,  

As they often did, these days. 

A steel hard resolve turned brittle 

Until she was flailing about the grounds , 

She once paraded in,  

Each step unsure, lest she breaks the thin ice  

Over the murky depths of her own thoughts. 

If words could kill, she knew which ones did, 

They played over and over in her head. 

Words cut deeper than swords 

And her wounds hadn’t been allowed to heal.  

She made sure of that.  

The hurt was supposed to make her stronger 

It always did 

But this time, she decided to break, 

Because sometimes, 

Pain becomes addictive. 

And slowly you turn numb, 

Apathy is no longer a facade. 

Because sometimes, 

Losing yourself isn’t the worst thing that could happen. 




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